Tips for Driving in the Riviera Maya – Quintanna Roo, Mexico

If you choose to get off the beaten path somewhere between Mexico’s bustling Cancun and the Mayan ruins of Tulum, you will probably want to rent a car. Major car rental companies are well represented at the airport in Cancun and route 307, the road that runs the length of Mexico’s Caribbean coast, is newly paved and easy to navigate. Just imagine yourself atop Nohoc Mul, the second tallest Mayan pyramid in the Americas, with only howler monkeys and turquoise browned mot-mots for company. A rental car gives you the freedom to arrive hours before the tour buses and wander the ruins alone. The driving is easy, the roads are well marked, and the freedom is fabulous.

If you decide to navigate Mexico’s Riviera Maya from behind the wheel of a rental car, here are a few tips.


If you fly over the speed bumps or topes along route 307, you will destroy your tires and wreck havoc with the suspension your car. These are NOT American speed bumps. Even crawling over them is jarring. Drive slowly and treat them with respect.


Stay well within the speed limit, especially through Playa del Carmen. The policia are friendly and formal and will write you a ticket and you will be required to give them your driver’s license which will be returned to you when you appear at the police station in Cancun to pay your fine.

If you should happen to get stopped, it is acceptable to profusely apologize, saying that you did not understand the laws and then ask if you can pay the fine on the spot. Offer the officer $20 American. He probably will not take it at first, but if you are persistent, polite, and sincere, you may get out of a trip to the police station. Yes, the money will most likely go into his pocket, but the police in Quintanna Roo make very little money and your generous propina (tip) will help feed his family. Think of it as a donation to a good cause.


The gas stations along route 307 are all full serve and when you pull in, an attendant will promptly start filling your tank. Make sure to ask for a specific amount of gas. If you ask him to, “fill it up,” no doubt you will end up paying for a few extra gallons that never make it into your tank. Yes, you will encounter folks in Mexico working hard to separate you from your hard earned cash. But keep in mind, the average wage is about $5 a day.


They’re not looking for you, unless of course you are smuggling drugs. Tourism is in the best interest of the people in Mexico and, thanks to threats of flu and border wars, numbers of tourists have been dropped significantly. The Federals can spot a tourist a mile away and they really are there to protect you.


Just trust me on this one.


The road is wide and straight and flat and leads to adventure. Driving in the Riviera Maya is easy. Relax, enjoy the scenery, and having fun discovering what’s around the next bend.

How Can Going Back to School Be Green?

Pupils and teachers alike are probably trying not to think about going back to school as the long summer holidays have only just begun, but as it is actually only a matter of weeks away, we have been thinking about how you can stay green as the new academic year approaches.

Firstly there is the equipment and kit that is invariably required whether you are teaching or learning. Many of these requirements are similar from primary school up until university so keep reading whichever type of educational establishment you work or study in. Stationery is a good start, much of which can be bought made from recycled materials. And when it comes to paper, remember to use both sides whether writing or printing. Also plan ahead with regards to lunches and invest in a lunch box rather than using plastic bags every day. If you need new school uniform check whether your school offers second hand clothes and donate your old good quality ones.

With regards to getting to your school or college, try to walk or cycle whenever possible, or use public transport if it is too far. Alternatively, set up a car sharing pool to reduce car use and save money.

Once you are there, you could think about how to make your school or college greener. Why not set up some eco-iniatives with colleagues or peers? You could become a Fairtrade school, set up a recycling scheme or move towards using renewable energy.

Ultimately, going back to school is just one more part of our lives where we can easily make a difference to our carbon footprint by making small changes to the purchases we make and actions we take. So as you start making plans for the next school year, think about how these could be a little greener.

Why Clothing Donation Benefits Everyone

Most of us are guilty of over-consumerism today. One of the things that most of us have is having more clothes than we actually needed. If I would look into my closet, I can collect together quite a pile of items that I haven’t looked at or used in over six months or even a year. Somehow, it’s very hard to get the time to collect these clothing items together, bag them up and get rid of them. Plus, many of the clothing are in excellent, almost new condition.

It is such a shame to dump it into the trash, when it could be going to good use. That’s where our local charities and used clothing stores come to the rescue. These establishments always welcome clothing donations and often offer discount coupons should you choose to shop for other needed items at a later date. Also, you don’t have to limit your drop-offs to clothing only. You can also send shoes, household items, books and even furniture items, as long as they are in good condition and not requiring any major repairs.

Having a place to send our clothing donations has been half the battle for our family. From time to time we’ve found a needy family who can benefit from our unneeded items, however, it’s can be a touchy topic to bring up, and some people have hang-ups about wearing used clothing or they feel like their a charity case, if you try to give them something. Having a retail establishment that welcomes clothing donations solves all those problems for us and eliminates the guesswork.

In addition, many of these used clothing stores now offer free pick-up of your used clothing donations. In our area, we will get a call about once a month notifying us that a truck will be on our street on a particular date, and asking if we will be putting anything out for pick-up. This service is wonderful. All you need to do is bag up your clothing donation along with any other items you would like to have carted away, and the truck will stop by and pick up your donation. Often times, the proceeds from the sales of donations, will go in part to a local charity. This is an added incentive for people to clear out their unused, unneeded items for a good cause!

It is such a waste to throw clothes away or to just leave it hanging in one’s closet, and not worn. Donating used clothing is a gesture of generosity; it helps less-fortunate individuals in our communities. It helps to clear out space, making room for items we actually need and use, and eliminating clutter.

In short, clothing donations can benefit everyone. It is definitely something meaningful and our family will continue doing.

I Can Live and Other Poems



The barber sees

a potential customer

in me but I pass

the tense faces

after the long walk sunshine

a fag in the car

short carnival:

neatly hide faded vests drying

in the balcony

helter skelter

afternoon windy rain

allergies again



Death hides in the body

but who cares? it’s obscure

living on the edge

seeking space into swamp

they all talk about the sun

swelling in the sky

and close eyes to the spider

spinning waves on the ceiling

all alone, but who cares?

suspicion and distance

like lovers they pretend

to leave yet stay longer

dishing out luxuries

showing off generosity

on the heart’s fancy table

waiting to welcome the guest



They say my birth was a heavenly event:

here I am suffering third-rate villains

that erect walls to stop the chariots

from Merkaba: the angels fume but who cares

heaven is a mirage in human zoo



The dates on calendar question

all my undone acts

and memories that haunt or fade

in nightly nakedness

stumbling toward the next day’s sun

without celebration

at 63 January jeers

my degenerating sex

a still itch: mantra and mirror

quiet God and drying petals



Late August:

clouded midnight, sneezing

restless in bed

all negative vibes

well up the mind

jackals yell outside

I read Hsu Chicheng

for a gleam of light



I’ve outlived

the winter’s allergies

and depressing rains

in a human zoo

I can live

my retirement too

without pension and medicine:

the wheelchair doesn’t frighten

I can live

uncared and unknown

survive broken home

the numbness of the arms

the pain in the neck

and inflation too



Time’s wrinkling fingers

trivialize the sun and snow

in a crooked land

I see history crippled

with midnight dyspnoea

the green umbrella

hosts disaster:

the avalanche waits on its shoulders

the wound opens



My shrinking body

even if I donate

what’s there for research:

devil in the spine

abusing tongue in sleep

or bleeding anus

defy all prayers

on bed or in temple-

the same heresy

oozing and stinking

onanist excursion

dead or alive



They make my face

ugly in my own sight

what shall I see in the mirror?

there is no beauty

or holiness left

in the naked nation:

the streams flow dark

and the hinges of doors moan

politics of corruption

I weep for its names

and the faces they deface

with clay dreams



The crack in the sky

is not the rosy cleavage

to rape the body

nor is the beast any free

to escape the bloody river

that reflects stony wrath

in doggy position

they all expect their reward

for burying the noise

of sunny fire wheeling

in frozen passion

turn beggars they all

search warmth with ash-smeared sadhus

at roadside tea stall

whistle and wash off sins

in sangam muddled

with privileged few soar high

but I’m glad I crawl on earth

my roots don’t wave in the air



If hand can meet hand

and embrace is not sin

if lip to lip kissing

or cheek to cheek hugging

is not forbidden

why do they question

meeting of thighs or breasts:

divine in action

it’s spring; the body’s love

itching to bloom with soul



I’ve lived 23000 days

awaiting a day that could become

god’s day in eden, earth or within

or even my grandson’s smile

on his first day in mother’s arms

now I sit an empty boat

on a still river

and shake with quail dreams



The body is precious

a vehicle for awakening

treat it with care, said Buddha

I love it’s stillness

beauty and sanctity

here and now

sink into its calm

to hear the whisper in all

its ebbs and flows

erect, penetrate

the edge of life and loss

return to wholeness



Flowers don’t bloom

in tribute to

builders’ apathy

the trees are dying:

they too know they’ll be felled

or the heat will kill

the concrete rises

calamity too will rise

none talk the ruins they bring



I don’t know where I lived

in my former existence

but the hell I’ve breathed

for three decades here

couldn’t adapt my soul:

I remain a stranger

to them and to the cold walls

that put out the candle-lights

in my roofless house



Being good

couldn’t make me know

any better

I was harmless

they sold my name

and became

what I couldn’t

in the middle of day light

I vanished like faces

from voters’ list

with no difference

to who wins

or who loses



Some fresh bones and designer dress

distorted hopes, cataract vision

hardly any better the faces of the body

and if there is a soul, the soul hears

the map guides the mind’s midnight

but the destination is different

deception is courage

they know the end of journey

and get down when the train stops

I too descend



Sleepy roads

with or without light

tear the sky

I watch the murmur

in the misty darkness

Tao of midnight

tranquil emptiness:

breathing deceptive cold

the echoes haunt



She trusts her reading of my horoscope

and predicts a comfortable future

even as I know my toothache

now means the fall of my teeth

and anal bleeding means sure surgery

my dying libido is as uncomfortable

as the dream of humans sleeping on the ceiling:

their flattened naked back amuses me

who knows who’ll fall first?

before I wake up I try to gauge the selvage

of restless lines, moon, Saturn, and Venus

conspiring new challenges

for the quakes in my elements

it’s already mid-November

and the bouts of bronchial allergy

tell of the cycle of incarceration

her moving lips are no soporific



The coiled divine

renews eternity

in the body’s cells

fed on sensuous sweetness

and moment’s littleness

for years fleshly reign

seemed spirit’s radiance

in the deep pit

now suddenly sparks the itch

for heaven’s nude delight



Before the bananas ripe

let’s meet at least once

lest the fog dampen passion

let’s water our love

the sun is bright this morning

and night’s promising

let’s meet and unfreeze winter

of years, drink some wine

restore warmth of faith and hope

and heal the breaches

without black goggles for seeing

let’s meet at least once



Teary eyes

with sparks and lightning

dried vision

caged existence

seek deliverance

muttering old prayers



Unpruned roses

and unknown grasses

make me aware

of the emptiness

the dusk in her room sounds

she searches out

her shadow in

the rising moon

I feel the season’s prick



When gods are out to teach me a lesson

where to go to pray or find relief?

my prophet friends predict each day good

and the future fulfilling, the palmists find

the sun, Saturn, Venus and rahu hostile:

they seek money for rituals, stones or mantras

while God gives us the best in life gratis

I can’t change man or nature, nor the karmas

now or tomorrow they all delude

in the maze of expediency and curse

stars, fate, destiny, or life before and after

degenerating the mind, body, thought and divine



The cracks on the parapet

have widened for the peepal

to stay green for once

rains too want us to drench

our heads and feel one

with cool wind

in a dark corner

shed fears and enjoy love



Each night a challenge:

suffocative restlessness

sleepless spirits’ noise

sexual starvation

anal menstruation

dingy subconscious

conspire behind closed eyes

absent healing and

wishful miracles

a clueless sun rises

bugging time and life



With scheming mind

and crafty heart

loud and rebellious

a professional loser

perfumes the room

with flattering lips

and strays a preacher

to revolution



Because I had no STD code to dial Heaven

I walked into Hell measuring happiness

in buried lines on palms and shrinking head:

I couldn’t know when love sieved and sank

like a ship on vacation



In the poems I write

you can read my mind

even know when I’m blue

before the mirror

when I stand in the dark

you can’t scent me

nor will words comfort

in chilly December

when alone in candle light

empty coffee cups

deride the syllables

I spin to make haiku

my hairs in air

reveal the baldness:

wank without wad



After a day’s labor

they lie on a sand pile

in the basement of

a new shopping complex

rising slowly next door

like the waves at Nellore beach

that broke before wiping

my name on the sand

I take a snap at sunset:

they play with plastic bottles in water

or eat fried fish in the huts

I’m warned against placing it on Facebook

she hates my face

nor am I allowed to speak

to the drug addict picked up

from the door steps of

Varsha Apartments

his father questions

if there’s law in the country

only a street dog wags its tail

I wheeze and take a seroflo puff

and wonder if I should visit

Nimhans and get checked

to manage my sleep

she questions why I think of Bangalore

for treatment of all my ailments

and takes me to Bannerghatta zoo

for animal viewing.

Get Tax Deductions After Donating To Charity

Many of us look for ways to lessen our taxes. You may invest in personal loans, insurances, and different other mediums, but have you ever thought about charity? Yes, there are various charity programs that provide tax deductions, but it is vital for you to know the restrictions of your contributions.

Contributions that is deductible and non-deductible

According to IRS standards, companies that work under 501(c) (30) are liable for tax deduction for charitable acts. This may comprise of literacy, scientific, religious, child care and also amateur athletic organizations.

You may feel felicitous knowing that if you contribute to any of the organizations mentioned under 501(c) (3), you are eligible for tax deductible donations. Well, there is a twist. Not all those contributions offer you this advantage.

Here are some options where tax is indeed deductible:

• Deductions with respect to property should be made on the market value

• Intangible property like mutual funds, bonds, stocks

• Property contribution like jewelry, cars, furniture and old clothes

• Money contributions as credit cards, checks and currency type

The non deductible options comprise:

• Political group of candidates

• Civic league, labor unions, sports clubs

• Profit based hospitals and schools

• Raffle draw, bingo or lottery tickets

• Gifts given to a person

Selecting the appropriate Charitable Tax deductions

Since now you are aware of tax deductible donations, the next step is choosing the appropriate charitable trust and avail the advantages from them. If you have a small business, then cancer charity might be a tax saving choice for you.

Firstly, you have to research on different kinds of charitable institutions. Be patient and realize the charity type you want to make. When you are satisfied with the institution, make your donations the way you want.

Make sure that you make your donation according to the category restriction. Once you pay the donation for the entire year, just keep in mind that you have to route it through the form 1040 Schedule A.

Keep in mind to keep all the records of the donations made, for example to kids with cancer. Any type of charitable organization would give you a receipt for the donation made. This may be later produced while writing off your taxes.

Know about the limits of your contribution

To a specific extent, the restrictions put forward by IRS would never affect the taxable deductions. If your contribution is more than 20% of the gross income, then there may be a restriction. This again may vary, according to the organization type you are donating to.

According to IRS standards, in case you have specific contribution limits, then you have to pay it off within 5 years, provided that the excess that you carry forward doesn’t surpass 50% of the gross income.

Great Fundraising Ideas For Young Children

Finding the perfect fundraising idea can be quite a challenge, especially when dealing with young children. When fundraising with children, the perfect idea is one that is both fun and safe. There is a countless amount of ideas that can meet this criteria.

One of the most proven fundraising methods, that is kid appropriate would be a fun run or 10k. A fun run is a great way to raise funds and get exercise at the same time you can ask the kids to dress up to make it fun. How they work is simple, each participant attracts sponsors, who pledge a donation for every kilometre they walk or run. If this is part of a school event you can always get each class to walk or run a certain amount and add the total distance together at the end. There are many ways to attract sponsorship and the most obvious is from friends and family. However, another great source of sponsors can be from small businesses, many small business owners take every opportunity to be philanthropic. Just always remember that the kids should never try to attract a sponsorship from strangers, without adult supervision.

Having a cake sale is another great idea for fundraising with young children. It’s great because everyone loves brownies, cookies and cakes. Also, the kids will have fun helping with the baking process and maybe even decorating the goods. There is one downside however, and that is it takes a very small investment to get going. The good news is it only takes a few sales to break even. There are many places where a cake sale can be set up like churches, schools, local events and maybe even local community centres.

Selling a service is very appropriate for young children, and it can be a very profitable fundraising idea. One of the most common services that is sold at fundraisers is car washing. A fundraising car wash can be highly successful anytime of the year, but they do much better during the warmer months. The only requirements are, you need to have soap and access to running water. People go to fundraising car washes to help out, not because they expect the best car washing service in town. Other service based activities is shopping bags being packed, gardening or raking leaves and taking peoples unwanted junk away and maybe finding thing to sell at a sale.

Holding a raffle can be another great idea for a fundraiser. There are a few things you need to do to hold a raffle. The most important is acquiring prizes, they don’t have to be extravagant, but they have to be something people would pay for a chance to win. A couple of good ideas for prizes would be meat, antiques or gift certificates. You can acquire prizes, by either buying them or accepting donations. Next, you have to advertise, people need to know you’re having a raffle for it to be successful. A couple of good ways to advertise would be, handing out fliers, posting on local message boards (both on and offline) and by word of mouth.

Getting the children excited and motivated is a good thing so maybe incentivise them with their own special treat for raising a certain amount of money like a school disco or entertainer or trip for them. There are many other ideas for fundraisers you can try, just always make sure they’re fun and appropriate for all participants.

Abundance Will Advance Your Ability to Give – Donating Time, Talent or Energy in Abundance by Giving

***A bun dance sounds really funny!(LOL) Especially when it is meant to be written together. Though you can get jiggy with it and dance when you are happy and have reaped abundance my your own effort. Abundance is experienced by anyone who decides to take control over the course of the way that they do things on a habitual or daily basis. There are many added effects and benefits in seeking ways of adding or incurring additional abundance to yourself. Did you know that it is a Universal Law that indicates: You will reap in the same measure or more what you put into the Universe!

My perspective for such a statement is as follows: If you want more Love, Energy money, time skills, recognition or more of anything, then that’s where you need to bring your focus and concentration. Add MORE or like energy, effort- Place MORE of anything, from where you would like to reap, in an abundant effort, and you will receive abundantly!

Let’s say for example you are a car salesman, and you want to gain the trust of more caring and devoted customers. What could you do to bring the desired results back to yourself? You could learn and do more research on four different categories that effect vehicle sales. Learn the safety, recall actions or stats or maximum mileage information and be a consumer-conscious salesperson as well as a consumer advocate for ALL of the people that cross your path. Sometimes you’ll make a sale and sometimes you won’t. Though the time and energy will not be in vain. NO WAY! The effort will be realized and can most definitely bring you a customer by reference from a customer that enjoyed your service. Perhaps they felt that you could benefit one of their friends, relatives or even co-workers auto purchase, or able to provide great information and meet their quality needs.

That’s just one example of how gaining and sharing an abundance of information helps inform another, shares joy and brings a warm feeling from the heart of the source to the heart of the recipient. This is where the energy grows wings of abundance you are living and giving with purpose, feeling lively and stretching your joy to others. Once a word of abundant information or assistance is given away without expectation, the law of abundance is recorded and an energy released will return to the source of where the abundance was initially expelled,propelling the source to reap abundance to himself! Abundance is a dance that will advance your ability to give- Donate your time,talent or energy and reap More abundance by giving!

If you are abundantly and brutally dishonest with a brazen tendency to manipulate people, places and events, be sure of this: You have set the law of abundance in effect to reap more of the same energy that you placed into your periphery. Don’t ever think that you can get away with stealing, cheating, lying or scheming to achieve your means of living. Your heart and your mind and the pulse of abundant energy know that you will have your day of reckoning. You will suffer fate worse than what you made others suffer by your deviousness, covetousness or underhanded way of earning a living. Tricking and thinking that you get one over on somebody will catch up to you quicker than you can even imagine. That’s the law of attraction in action- Not so fun, huh?

A bun dance or really ABUNDANCE is a dance that we daily do to make our Universe and the Universe of others become more heart-centered, less ego-driven and more beneficial to one another. Bringing abundance back to the source or place that released the energy in the first place is a great way to live!. Everybody wins and the energy of Abundance is put to work in powerful ways.

If you use the RECIPROCAL effect of abundance, you probably won’t want to reap or receive what you get. It’s coming back to you anyway, so do the best most abundantly positive things that you accomplish everyday and watch the world change around you!

***I enjoy learning from you and from others offering me knowledge and abundance of love daily!~

10 Amazing Ideas for a Military Themed Wedding

I have been incredibly lucky to attend several military weddings – including my own. While my husband and I did a traditional ceremony following our 14-month long-distance engagement, many of the couples whose weddings I've attended were in fact already married through a quick courthouse ceremony months of even years prior. They do the courthouse marriage so that they can reap the financial benefits, promising to have their 'real' wedding when he returns from the deployment. Because of this arrangement, many brides are left planning their big day singlehandedly. That can be a blessing to those detail-oriented brides who have been dreaming of their wedding day since age 5 when she would dress in a pillowcase veil, her mother's heals, and force her little brother to walk hand-in-hand down the imaginary aisle in her family's living room. But it can also be an incredibly daunting, exhausting event to plan. Unless you have a magnificent wedding planner, you are left with the infinite details that go into bringing the vision to life.

With June being the most popular wedding month in many areas of the country, I am busting with inspiration for a modern military themed wedding. Therefore, I have compiled 10 of the most amazing military themed wedding ideas that I could find to help make this special event less worrisome and more whimsical.

1.) Your Story invitation insert.
In April, 2013 I attended a military wedding of a couple who invited me and my husband with a delightfully unique invitation. It was a classy Mad Libs-style invitation that allowed us to hand write words on the RSVP card such as a song we wanted to hear and how we wanted them to recess down the isle (I said cartwheel.) I am loving the wedding invitation Insert featured through David's Bridal that tells a quick story of how the bride and groom met – a fun way to tell guests who may not know the couple very well.

2.) Love birds cake topper.
Made by Ann Wood at, she can customize a bird wedding cake topper to your branch of the military. Sit them atop your cake to wow your guests and treasure as a keepsake long after the cake cutting.

3.) Spruce up your favors.
This idea is so fresh. Use a living spruce in a mason jar tied with burlap string to give guests as favors. What a wonderful way to incorporate the army green and tan military wedding color pairing into your favors.

4.) Anything but boring boutonnieres.
I love attending weddings that reek personality. For a military twist, pin an army man, anchor emblem, wings or sabers to the lapel of your ushers and groomsmen.

5.) The wedding that gives back.
For the couple who doesn't need much, this idea is sure to leave a lasting impression. Rather than creating a wedding registry, invite guests to donate to a military cause of your choosing, such as to the Wounded Warrior Project. Include instructions with the invitation, and display a reception table where last minute donations can be made. Remind guests of tax deductions.

6.) Create a photo booth.
It's a party, why not have a little fun with photography? It's a great way to snap photos of all the guests enjoying themselves in a nontraditional way.

7.) Go vintage.
If I could redo my wedding I'd plan a vintage military themed wedding. Rather than bright patriotic colors, go for vintage blues and muted reds. Use old suitcases and trunks to house gifts, and incorporate vintage military airplanes or other branch-specific nostalgia into the centerpieces and favors.

8.) Use pretty postage.
Dress up your invitations with custom military wedding themed postage from

9.) Amazing military wedding venues.
I had the honor of witnessing a wedding ceremony at the Air Force Academy Cadet Chapel. It is a stunning structure both inside and out. As a guest, I will never forget that wedding because it was truly an amazing venue. To incorporate the military theme into your setting, research local museums, banquet halls, and chapels related to your branch. Many bases are rich in history, and you can usually find both old and new structures that are sure to please. Most military venues must be reserved in advance for a fee, much like civilian wedding sites.

10.) Free wedding dresses through Brides Across America.
Heidi Janson at has given away over 5000 wedding gowns to military brides. This remarkable woman and her team are setting up nationwide wedding gown giveaway events in July, 2013. Head on over to their site to check dates and locations, and to pre-register. To qualify, you or your fiancĂ©e has to have deployed within the last 5 years – or – you must have orders for an upcoming deployment. You must also show proof of orders, have a valid ID, and be engaged. If you don't live near one of the giveaway events, or if you don't qualify, they sell very affordable gowns through their site.

I've just skimmed the surface of my finds. For many more amazing military themed wedding ideas, check out my Pinterest board: Amazing Ideas for a Military Themed Wedding

How Charities Help People

As long as people have populated the planet, there have been people helping to supply the needs of others. There will always be people that have more than other people, and in most cases the people with less are in such a condition through no fault of their own. Disaster may strike or luck can turn against them. In such scenarios, their livelihood can depend on the generosity and the charity of others.

As it became apparent that giving to others was a part of human life, organizations have been established that serve as a middleperson to get money or goods from the haves to the have nots. These organizations are called charities. Some charities are very specific as far as the groups of people they intend to serve. For example, a charity may focus exclusively on supplying poor children with vaccines at birth to prevent them from obtaining deadly illnesses. Other charities are broader in their scope and simply have the message that they will use your donations to help people in need.

Every year, there are multiple natural disasters that leave people in dire conditions. The loss of life is the worst consequence of such disasters, but there are other consequences that can devastate large populations for extended periods of times. An earthquake, for example, will lead to millions of dollars in damage to infrastructure. Floods kill thousands of crops and may lead to increased hunger and malnourishment among the population. There are many charities that have been established for the purpose of helping these people out. It is important to remember that natural disasters are unpredictable for the most part, but that they are inevitable. For this reason, don’t wait until after a disaster strikes to start donating. A charity that already has the goods to help people out will be able to respond immediately when the circumstances are the direst.

There are numerous local charities that serve the people living around you. Despite the fact that they don’t bring in as much in donations as the bigger charities, they are just as important. An example of a small yet valuable local charity is a food bank. It lacks the resources to supply the needs of an entire country devastated by a natural disaster, but it helps people in your community get the food they need but can’t afford.

For charities to be successful, they require the generosity of the people who have the means to support them. If you are able to help, every donation counts and someone will be happier because of your selfless act. It is very likely that there is a charity that serves a need that you feel strongly about, and you can easily find them and make a contribution.

When you begin searching for charities, you will notice that a common theme among many of them is that they are interested in car donations. Car donations are a wonderful way to help a charity. A charity will use your car either for its own transportation purposes or it will sell your car and use the funds. So, for example, if your car is auctioned off by the charity for $4,000, you have essentially donated $4,000 to the charity.

Make Money By Selling Your Junk Car

Do you have a car that is just sitting on your lawn, or in your driveway, and does not get used? Perhaps you have a wrecked vehicle or an old car that does not run anymore, and you don't have the cash to fix it. It probably isn't even worth fixing it. Did you know that you could just call number, and then magically a tow truck will come pick it up, and pay you cash? I'm not kidding! Sounds too good to be true, but it is very true. There are actually companies in your local area, that will literally pay you green paper for you to let them tow your junk away.

You can get rid of that ugly hunk of metal and replace it with cold, hard, cash! The neighbors will be happy, you will be happy, the environment will be happy, and the tow company will be happy. It's a win, win, win, win! All you have to do is hop on the internet, and Google search to find a local company to come remove your junk car.

Your probably wondering what hoops you will need to jump through in order for someone to come do this service for you. Well it is actually extremely easy. There are only a couple things that you need to do to get this service.

# 1. You need to have a junk car, or a car that you no longer want to own.

# 2. You need to have the title of the car.

# 3 You need to actually pick up the phone and call to give them your address. You can also visit their website and fill out a form if you don't want to call. Most of the companies give you online quotes now.

It is really that easy. Right now today you could be a few hours away from having extra money in your pocket.

So clear off your lawn or driveway. It's time to free up some room, and get rid of that eye soar that you have been holding onto for so long. Plus it's so easy, why wouldn't you do it? It will take the tow truck about 5 minutes tops to hook it up, pay you cash, and be outta your sight. So enjoy your new junk free life and fatter wallet. It really is almost too easy easy to get rid of your junk car now a days. So give it a shot because you have nothing to lose … except for that junk that is collecting dust and rust.