Do I Need a Lawyer?

Do I need a lawyer?

The short answer is yes. The reason is importance. Chances are that if you are in court (or thinking about going there) your case is very important. The custody of your child may be on the line, the amount of child support you pay may be on the line, or perhaps even your very freedom. You could always try the case on your own and you may even win. But why risk the outcome of something so important to you. By hiring a lawyer you can get someone who:

1. Speaks the language: Lawyers go through three years of law school, and read and write in legalese constantly. The same can be said of nearly all judges, magistrates, and other decision makers. Why? Because they are either lawyers or they once were lawyers. They all think in legal terms. If you want to present your evidence in the clearest possible way, it’s best if you can approach these decision makers at their level.

2. Knows the courtroom: A local lawyer knows the judges, their bailiffs, the clerks, and all the other major players in the court. The local lawyer knows things like how to behave inside the courtroom of a particular judge, how the judge likes to manage his courtroom, how the clerk likes to see documents filed, etc.

3. Knows the rules: Lawyers, after years of practice, are familiar with the rules of procedure and evidence. Rules of procedure govern, among other things how and when complaints are filed. A violation of these rules can keep your claim from ever getting to court. Rules of evidence govern how and when evidence may be presented to the court for consideration. A violation of these rules can keep the court from hearing from that important witness, or seeing that important picture you took.

4. Objectively speaks: The truth is that important issues can sometimes affect people emotionally and thereby interfere with their ability to express themselves. By hiring a lawyer, you can have someone who can argue passionately for you, and express themselves clearly and effectively in order to present your case.

5. Peace of mind: You are likely stressed and worried about the outcome of your case. Instead of worrying about the outcome and presenting your case, let a lawyer should some of the burden and allow you the peace of mind to carry on with life.

A. Laptander

Author: A. Laptander

Attended Continuing Education classes twice a year to maintain licenses. Assessed customers’ insurance needs and customized policies to protect their financial stability.

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