Make A Child Smile By Donating Your Car

When you think of helping children by donating to a charity, you think of naked third world children that are starving to death. Did you know that there are children in need in the United States? There are a few facts that may blow your mind about your own country. First, 1 in 50 children are close to being homeless, with that number growing as foreclosures rise. 42% of children who are homeless are younger than the age of eight. Can you imagine you being homeless at that age, or your child facing the world growing up homeless?

All of these are scary thoughts, and there are organizations available to help the children within the States. There are many ways you can help. You can donate your time, and volunteer to help a certain organization. You can pay money online to different charities or over the phone even. A newer way to donate, however, is getting rid of your old car. Giving away your vehicle is a great way to help raise money that can help kids throughout the United States.

Choosing the right organization will give you a great way for those who need to get rid of an old vehicle, to turn their dumpster trip into a donation. Any old car, truck, SUV or even trailers and boats are accepted by the these charities. Most of these organizations have no requirement for your vehicle to be in running condition. All you have to do is contact them, they collect the information, and take care of the rest for you.

Once you have decided that your old car is taking up most of the driveway, and hasn’t been used for a couple years, there are just a few steps to take. First, contact the organization and fill out their form. Within a reasonable time frame, they will pick up your vehicle wherever it is, and you won’t have to worry about it ever again. Another plus side to giving away your car, since it is a donation, is getting a tax return deductible from it as long as they are a registered charity.

The tax return and the car being towed away before it rusts all over your driveway aren’t the most important things to the whole process. The best part is in knowing that by giving away your old car, you can help the children in the United States have better lives. You will be helping those facing homelessness back away from the border line, and live normal lives. You will give back lives to those who have already lost their homes, and know that you are making a difference in the country you live in.

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