Car Donation – All That You Need To Know

Have you ever done charity? It is really a pleasure or a noble gesture in doing charity. Majority of us love doing charity and basically we donate old clothes, shoes, mattresses, and so on. But very few of us know about car donation. Car donation program allow car owners to donate their old cars to charity. The question that is revolving around your mind right now is why would anyone perform this act? Read this article and find out your answer.

Your car like any other personal belongings of yours can be donated to a charity organization. If the car is completely ok, it can be used by the organizers themselves and if not, it can be given to those families affected by natural calamities. The car can even be auctioned off to other charities if required. If the car is beyond repairs, the parts and spares will be sold to garages and service centers.

The next question that is revolving round your mind is the procedure of doing so. The procedure is basically very simple and does not involve any complications. There are over 500 charitable organizations in U.S, and the best part is that they accept all types of vehicles starting from car to truck to vans. All that you need to do is to locate the charitable organization nearby your house. Pay a visit to the organization and speak to them about your donation. If your car is approved, the organization will dispatch tow trucks to your house and will collect the car.

Basically people donate things to charity without any expectations. But for your kind information, you should know that car donation program results in several benefits. The most significant of all those benefits is tax deductions.

Some recognized car donation companies that can help donors donate their cars are-

  • American Red Cross of Central New Jersey
  • Charity auto donations
  • The new community corporations

These three are the very popular and well-recognized companies. As a donor you will only have to make a call at their toll-free number. Some companies even arrange for towing even if the donor is at another state. Make sure that the title of the car is present as it is required while donation. If not present, the companies make some arrangements.

Now a day, catholic charity car donation online is gaining popularity worldwide. The form can be filled up online but should be done correctly. Some organizations even charge certain fees, so be aware of that.

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