Car Donation Programs

Do you have any used cars sitting in the driveway that you need to get rid of? There are many excellent car donation programs that can take your inactive car and not only help a local charity but help you as well by creating a tax write off as a donation. Not only will you eliminate an eyesore in the front yard but it could help take some money off your final IRS tax return.

There are many car donation charities to choose from. Some organizations also accept boats, motor homes and motorcycles. The key is to find an organization you can trust and one that will be fair with the trade in or actual value of the vehicle.

Some organizations that participate in vehicle donation programs are, Boys and Girls Club of America, Goodwill and some cancer organizations. Most cities have anywhere from three to five vehicle donation programs to choose from that are legitimate charities.

There are plenty of websites to reference that will let you know which organizations are the best at making sure their donations get to the people they are suppose to be benefiting. The web is full of car donation program sites, but it is always a good idea to stay local to make sure everything is on the up and up.

The usual procedure for car donation programs is to make the call to the charity and they will usually offer to pick up the car. From this point car donation programs will either supply you with a receipt at the time they tow the vehicle or they will ask that you come down and pick up the receipt after their appraiser has evaluated the car. The most important aspect of this process is to make sure registrations and pink slips are handled properly.

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